E-Learning Software Development and Customisation

Our products are too good not to share

Our way of Contributing to the revolution in education worldwide.

Fully Customisable E-Learning management system for corporate and educational organisations alike.


Our e-learning solution was originally built by us for an e-learning project for Africa but can be customised to suite your needs.

Revolution in the learning and education system has generated a lot of buzz about e-Learning to date. Aside the education system, businesses and organisations are increasingly using this for personnel training and education.

Some of the advantages of e-Learning include: cost reduction, flexibility of learning time, universal availability (can learn anywhere) and greater efficiency.


Why us?

Our approach section below details our step-to-step guide of how we deal with our clients.


Some features of using our e-learning web application include:

Customised for your specific needs

We are able to package and present complex materials as easily understood for your users. We can work with script writers and instructional experts to fulfil your project whilst keeping you in full control.

Little administrative effort

Seeing that we do all the customisation and setting up, with an intuitive system like ours, there is very minimal administration required from you.

User Friendly interface

Intuitive, pleasant to look at and easy to navigate, leaners can find what they need easily, navigate their way through the learning content and complete their tasks in no time.

Mobile Responsive

Responds to all screen sizes enabling your users to learn on-the-go and wherever they are.

Benefits of this Application


Faster Delivery

Compared to traditional classroom delivery, it has a quicker delivery cycle, lesser set up and wrap up time.


Learners can set their own pace

rather than follow the pace of a whole group or classroom, catering for the needs of all types of learners


A cost effective solution

Due to the ease in which training/lecture is delivered, the Costs of learning and development for organisations are greatly reduced e.g. Cost of maintaining facility is eliminated.


Lower environmental impact

Cut down on travel and use of paper material